Abertay Design Workshop

Welcome to our website! McLean Architects has been tasked with refurbishing the White Space on the ground floor of the Kydd Building for your department. We’ve put together this information page to let you know what our ideas are so far, and more importantly, to get feedback from yourselves, the users. The following sections show you: an analysis of various environment factors we’ll be taking into consideration such as natural light, noise and circulation; and inspiration of how we could provide you with the most comfortable studio environment and a space with its own unique identity.

We believe that human comfort and happiness comes first (Maslow’s hierarchy of needs) and that the quality of a working environment greatly impacts an individual’s ability to work effectively. In short, happy people are more productive. We want to work with you to design a space that looks great AND facilitates your daily workflow. In order for us to do that, we need to build a profile of what a day in the life of Computer Games Technology looks like. We invite you to please fill out the ten questions at the bottom of this page to help us provide a design solution that meets your needs as students and staff. We would also really appreciate your feedback in the form below, just a sentence or two to tell us which ideas you like and dislike.

Space Analysis


We have illustrated here examples of learning environments from our previous projects and selected furniture installations that may be appropriate to optimize flexibility and facilitate your learning process.


These images represent our initial thoughts on a colour palette for the space.

We'd really like to know how your daily process works so that we can make sure we provide a design solution which best facilitates an effective workflow and appropriate features for the department. Please fill out this form (only nine questions, just a minute or two to complete) to help us provide a design solution that meets your needs as students and staff.

The information gathered by this form is incredibly useful to us for design purposes, so we encourage you to fill out the form with full assurance that this information is purely for use by McLean Architects to collaborate with and provide an excellent design service for you - none of the information will be shared by us to any third party.

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Furthermore, here are some inspiration images grouped in various categories to give you some ideas of where we could take the design.

Wall Surfaces

Floor Surfaces

Ceiling Surfaces